Tackling A Few Common Misconceptions Concerning Feline Labor And Delivery

Posted on: 23 June 2015

Cats reproduce quickly, and if you have a female feline around that has not been spayed, chances are you will see her belly start to swell with growing little ones eventually. Even though the majority of cat deliveries go off without problems, on occasion, things do go wrong. Unfortunately, not every cat owner knows how to appropriately handle situations that can come up and many may think there is an issue when there is not.
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Taking Your Pet Into The World Of Consolidated Pet Services

Posted on: 19 June 2015

Seeking out proper pet care isn't always easy. Veterinarians show up in any search, in any town. However, the services they offer aren't always the services you're looking for. These days, it's not enough for a service to simply give your pet shots and medications. Your pet needs a little bit more. The World of One Stop Pet Services To stay competitive, many pet care services have started to offer a lot more than the traditional medical services.
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Three Ways To Calm Your Pet Before Visiting The Vet

Posted on: 17 June 2015

Regular veterinarian checkups help to keep your pet's physical health in tip-top condition, but it's important that the trip itself doesn't negatively affect the animal's emotional health. Visiting the vet can be an anxious time for pets, who have to contend with issues such as a car ride, encounters with other animals and a new setting. Try as you might, you can't reduce your pet's nervousness by explaining the importance of the checkup, so it's better to let your actions talk for you.
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3 Tips For Cropping Your New Puppy's Ears

Posted on: 15 June 2015

Do you have a new puppy? Is it a breed that often has cropped ears? For owners of breeds like Dobermans, Great Danes, and even Pit Bulls, cropping the ears presents a big decision. In the past, many owners cropped their dog's ears because the dogs were used for security and it was thought that cropping improved their hearing. Today, it's largely known that cropping has no effect on hearing, but the appearance of cropped ears is still widely associated with these breeds.
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