Natural Remedies for Pets: Tips for Pet Owners

How To Get Your Pet Interested In Eating Again

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If your pet seems to be tired of the kind of food they are eating, you may want to try mixing different pet foods. You can also try adding moisture to your pet’s food. Mixing different pet foods and adding moisture will introduce variety into your pet’s diet and is likely to get them interested in eating again. Mix Different Dry Pet Foods Try putting foods that are of different shapes and textures together to entice your pet into start eating again. While mixing food is a creative and fun idea, you should be careful  that you...

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Keep These Kitty Safety Tips In Mind As Summer Rolls In

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Summer brings warmer temperatures and fun activities. For cats, it also brings a number of health and safety risks. Follow these summer safety tips to ensure your cat stays healthy and happy this summer. Make sure your cat has an open window or a cool space to lounge. Contrary to popular belief, cats are not more tolerant of heat than are people. In fact, they have a harder time cooling down because they can only pant or sweat through their foot pads to lower their body temperature. Thus, it’s essential that there’s a place in...

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Is Your Dog Only Partially Potty Trained? Learn How To Finish The Job With Bells

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If you obtained a dog from someone who could no longer care for them, you may have been told that the dog was potty trained. If you find that this isn’t actually the case, tell your vet at your pup’s first visit, so they can rule out any diseases. This is rare though, and it’s likely that the dog does not understand how to let their human know they need to go outside. This guide explains how to use bells to train your dog to let you know they need out to defecate. Step 1: Introduce the Bells to Your Dog Purchase some string...

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Fat Cats: Is Your Pet Overweight?

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As human waistbands expand, veterinarians are seeing pets with the same issue — a bit too much fat carried around the middle. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 57.9 percent of pet cats in the U.S. were overweight or obese in 2014. Like with people, the extra weight can lead to associated health problems like diabetes and heart problems. But determining if your cat is carrying too many pounds isn’t always easy. Here’s how to figure out if your pet is overweight, and what to do about it. Seeing If Your...

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Can’t Afford the Vet This Month? 4 Tips for Grooming Your Dog at Home

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If your dog is an important part of your family, you want to keep it healthy. Part of its healthcare routine should include proper grooming. You can’t always find the time or money to take your dog to the animal hospital for grooming. That doesn’t mean that your pet has to go without proper care. In fact, there are some simple treatments you can give your pet right at home. Here are a few tricks for keeping your dog well-groomed, even when you can’t get to the groomers. Groom Those Nails Most dogs hate having their nails...

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Your Cat’s Life Could Depend On Being Vaccinated

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Your cat and its cousins, the leopard and tiger, share many traits. One thing they don’t share is an immunity to some potentially fatal illnesses. That’s why vaccinations at a place like The Pets Place Animal Hospital are important for your cat, even if it is an indoor-only cat. All it takes is a quick escape to the outdoors, or to rub noses with an infected cat through the screen door. Here are the typical diseases for which your cat should be vaccinated so they can stay as healthy as their wild cousins. Feline Panleukopenia Also...

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Three Changes You Can Make To Your Home To Improve Your Cat’s Health And Mood

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The environment in which your cat lives can have a huge impact on his or her mental health. If your cat is showing signs of stress and emotional tension, such as over-grooming, irritability or aggression towards other pets, it might be time to make a few changes to your cat’s home environment. Here’s a look at three simple changes you can make to improve your cat’s mood and well-being. Create pathways to high places. Most cats love to lounge in high places, such as on top of book shelves. It gives them a sense of control,...

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Pet First Aid: What Supplies Do You Need?

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What would you do if your cat came home drooling or foaming at the mouth? What about if your dog started to choke on table scraps? Or if your rabbit starts to act extremely lethargic in warm weather? Welcome to the American Red Cross’s Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Set every year for April, it’s a great time to learn more about emergency care for your pet and review how you’d act in many common pet first aid situations. Many pet care sources have information about caring for your pet in these situations and when you need to...

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3 Signs That Your Guinea Pig Needs Emergency Medical Treatment

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If you love your guinea pigs, it’s important to be on the alert for any sign that they might be ill. What many pet owners don’t realize is that by the time a guinea pig shows visible signs of illness, they’re already gravely ill. In their native habitat, sick guinea pigs are easy targets for predators, so they’ve evolved to hide any symptoms of illness until they get too sick to do so anymore. If you delay treatment once you realize your guinea pig is ill, it may be too late. If you see any of these symptoms, take your...

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Hidden Dangers Of Skipping Your Dog’s Pedicure Appointment

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If you have a dog prone to jumping, you probably keep up with regular nail trims. No matter how large or small your canine, sharp claws can hurt! But, even if you have a well behaved pet who keeps four legs on the floor at all times, you’ll want to make sure you keep those nails tidy. Overgrown nails can cause your dog pain and lead to serious injury. Ingrown Nails Aren’t Just for Humans When you look at the anatomy of a dog’s claw, you’ll notice that it grows curved toward the ground. This means that if the nail is...

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