Natural Remedies for Pets: Tips for Pet Owners

Canine Parasite Management: 4 Devastating Consequences Of Hookworms In Dogs

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When you first got your puppy, you likely took them to the vet to get their shots and have them de-wormed because you know that a parasite infestation in a puppy can be deadly. But how good are you at preventing parasite infestations in your adult dog? Is your dog on a regular maintenance regimen to prevent fleas and worms? At the very least, do you give your dog medicine to kill worms at least every 3 months? If not, your dog is at risk for hookworms and other deadly infestations. And it’s serious business. Following are four...

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Are You Ready To Adopt A Miniature Schnauzer?

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Adding a pet to your household can enhance the quality of your family’s life but only if you adopt the breed that is best suited for your family’s lifestyle. Many people find miniature schnauzers to be great companions, but you should ensure your family is prepared to cope with the unique demands associated with this breed before adopting a miniature schnauzer into your home. Here are three characteristics you should be prepared to cope with if you are thinking of adopting a miniature schnauzer in the near future. 1. Regular...

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Why You Should Only Use Prescription Flea Treatments

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Over-the-counter flea treatments for your pet can be purchased at discount retail stores or from online retailers for just a fraction of what you pay at your vet’s office. However, these products are rife with problems. The following information will likely convince you to only purchase your pet’s flea treatments from your vet. Expiration Date Large online retailers have been found to sell expired flea treatment products. These products do not work as well (if at all) when past their expiration date. This does your pet no good,...

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3 Things To Try When Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety

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When your dog exhibits signs of separation anxiety, like barking or destroying household items whenever you are away, it can be quite stressful for both you and your dog. No one wants their beloved dog to feel anxious and afraid whenever their owner is away. Luckily, there are specific things you can do to stop separation anxiety in its tracks before it gets worse. Here are three ideas to try: Start with a Vet Visit Before you work on training your dog to be less anxious about separations, you need to rule out a medical reason for his...

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Caring For Your Female Cat After She Is Spayed

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If you are planning on bringing a female cat to a veterinarian to have it spayed in the near future, you may be a bit apprehensive about how to treat your pet when the operation is over. Caring for a female cat after a spaying procedure is not that difficult if you know what signs to look for and you make it a priority to make her comfortable. Here are some tips to use to make sure your cat heals properly after being spayed. Be Aware Of The Expected Symptoms Your veterinarian will keep your cat at their facility for...

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Splish Splash: Pool Safety For Your Pooch

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If your water-loving canine companion hears the laughing and splashing sounds that characterize summer in the backyard, he will undoubtedly be eager to join in the fun. Some dogs do not even wait for an invitation and happily take the wet plunge as part of their daily outdoor routine. Swimming pools can be fun for the entire family, but as with children, safety guidelines must be followed to keep your pup safe. Lifeguard On Duty Your dog should only have access to the pool when a responsible family member is present to supervise his aquatic...

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3 Reasons To Have Your Pets Spayed Or Neutered

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One of the single most important and beneficial thing that you can do as a responsible pet owner is to have your pets spayed or neutered. Listed below are just a few of the many reasons to spay or neuter your pets. Reduce The Stray Population The single biggest reason to spay or neuter your pets is to avoid adding to the stray population. One reason for this is that many stray cats and dogs will end up living a short and miserable life as they attempt to find enough food to survive, deal with severe hot or cold weather conditions, avoid...

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Pet Grooming And Older Dogs – How A Trip To The Groomers Can Help

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While getting your dog to the groomer’s can be an advantage at any age, the older your dog is there are some specific advantages. Older dogs have special needs as they age, and some of these can be met at the groomers. Here are four benefits that can come from bringing an older dog to the groomers on a regular basis. 1. Get Your Old Dog Comfy If you can find a groomer that caters to pampering pets, your old dog will not be disappointed.  You might find that it has been getting harder to clip your dog’s nails at home or it is...

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Canine Health: Maintaining Your Dog’s Healthy Smile

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It is important to communicate well with your dog’s vet and make sure you get Fido in for a dental cleaning when he starts to show plaque on his teeth. A full dental exam and cleaning can be expensive and stressful for your best friend. Some dogs may be so stressed at the prospect of a cleaning that they have to be sedated. The after-effects of sedation, to include grogginess and loss of control of bodily functions, can be just as stressful for your dog. it is imperative that you do everything you can to maintain his shiny smile so he...

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3 Reasons To Get Your Female Puppy Spayed

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Getting a new puppy is exciting, but if you get a female puppy, you will have decide whether to spay her before she begins her heat cycles. While it can be sad to think about your new family member having a surgery at a young age, there are many spaying offers many advantages to female dogs. Some of the biggest benefits of spaying include: Avoiding the Hassle of Heat Cycles A female dog who is not spayed will have heat cycles, which indicate that a dog is currently fertile. There can be many unpleasant side effects of a heat cycle, such as...

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