Why You Should Only Use Prescription Flea Treatments

Posted on: 25 July 2016


Over-the-counter flea treatments for your pet can be purchased at discount retail stores or from online retailers for just a fraction of what you pay at your vet's office. However, these products are rife with problems. The following information will likely convince you to only purchase your pet's flea treatments from your vet.

Expiration Date

Large online retailers have been found to sell expired flea treatment products. These products do not work as well (if at all) when past their expiration date. This does your pet no good, and can actually make his flea problem worse.

Diverted Products

Diverted products may also be sold at online or local mass retailers. These medications are products that were on the shelves at a legitimate retailer or veterinarian but were sold at wholesale for whatever reason. There is no way to know the chain of custody of these products, so you don't know where they've been, or who has had access to them before you give them to your pet.

Proper Dosage

When you purchase flea treatments at your veterinarian's office, you can be sure that your pet is getting the proper dosage. Your pet will be weighed and his unique medical issues (if any) will be taken into consideration. Your vet will dispense a prescription that will meet your pet's needs, get rid of the fleas and give your best friend (and you) some relief.

Faster Results

Since over-the-counter flea treatments are not issued by prescription, they generally don't contain fast-acting and long-lasting ingredients. This can mean that you will have to purchase more of these medications to get the same results you would from a higher-priced medication from your vet. By the time you purchase more OTC medications, you will likely spend more money than if you had just visited the vet in the first place.

Safety Concerns

There have been many highly-publicized, terrifying stories of the aftermath of over-the-counter flea treatments, especially those that come in liquid form and are applied to your pet's neck. These medications can lead to allergic reactions, burning and itching sensations and uncontrollable scratching in your pet. These medications can also cause seizures, vomiting and even death. As a result, consumers are being advised to discontinue use of these products and obtain something in a pill form from a veterinarian. 

Your pet is your best friend and best companion and deserves the best care. If he has picked up some unwanted visitors in the form of a flea infestation, you owe it to him to get the best flea treatment possible. Visit your vet today for flea treatments, vaccinations, healthy food and dental care. Visit http://www.kenmorevet.com for more information.