Caring For Your Female Cat After She Is Spayed

Posted on: 13 June 2016


If you are planning on bringing a female cat to a veterinarian to have it spayed in the near future, you may be a bit apprehensive about how to treat your pet when the operation is over. Caring for a female cat after a spaying procedure is not that difficult if you know what signs to look for and you make it a priority to make her comfortable. Here are some tips to use to make sure your cat heals properly after being spayed.

Be Aware Of The Expected Symptoms

Your veterinarian will keep your cat at their facility for several hours after the operation is conducted. Many will keep a spayed cat overnight so they can observe her for symptoms that require medical attention. When your cat is released to you, she will most likely seem lethargic and uninterested in her surroundings. This is a result of the general anesthesia that was used as well as the stress of being in a strange place. She may seem to have no interest in food for a day or two as well. While this is expected, try coaxing your pet to have a few bites to eat if possible. Keep food and water near her during this time so it is readily available.

Give Your Cat A Safe Place To Rest

To aid in your cat's recovery, set aside a room in your home where she can rest comfortably without having anyone bother her. Make sure to put a soft blanket in a cat bed or cardboard box so she has a place to sleep without having to jump to a high couch or chair to obtain rest. Keep a litter box in the area as well so she does not need to go out into the home while she recovers. When she shows signs of bouncing back, you can allow her back into the main portion of the house if she seems interested in walking around. Remove the litter box from the secluded room so she does not become accustomed to using this area for elimination.

Call A Veterinarian If Ailments Arise

Your cat's incision should be kept clean as it is healing. Many cats will lick at their stitches, but this will not pose a problem unless they start biting at the thread. If this happens, your cat's veterinarian can fit them with a plastic cone device to wear around their head for a day or two as the incision heals. If there is pus oozing from the incision, if it is inflamed and red, or if it appears to be opening, contact a veterinarian like Metzger Animal Hospital immediately to bring your cat in for an evaluation.