Pet Grooming And Older Dogs - How A Trip To The Groomers Can Help

Posted on: 29 February 2016


While getting your dog to the groomer's can be an advantage at any age, the older your dog is there are some specific advantages. Older dogs have special needs as they age, and some of these can be met at the groomers. Here are four benefits that can come from bringing an older dog to the groomers on a regular basis.

1. Get Your Old Dog Comfy

If you can find a groomer that caters to pampering pets, your old dog will not be disappointed.  You might find that it has been getting harder to clip your dog's nails at home or it is a struggle to get your dog in the tub for bath time. Groomers that have mats, tubs, and equipment specifically designed for dogs so that your older dog will be more comfortable.

2. Help Uncover Illnesses

Regular visits to the same groomer might help with noticing recent irregularities or possible ailments that you might want to have the vet check out. Any abnormalities such as lumps, growths, irritations, or hair loss might need a second opinion. If your groomer spots anything that causes alarm, you can have this diagnosed right away.

3. A Job for Two

If you have been able to groom your dog on your own for most of your pet's life, this might start to get harder and harder as your dog ages. Groomers that specialize in older dog care can either bring in an assistant or might benefit from your help as well. Volunteer to be in the room with the groomer and offer assistance as needed or just be there to calm your dog.

4. Routine Trims to Sensitive Areas

As dogs age, they might not be as good at self care as they once were. If your dog is having trouble keeping their private areas clean, having the fur around this area trimmed will help with sanitary aspects and give your dog some dignity. An older dog's paws may have more fur growth as well since older dogs aren't as mobile as they once were. They can benefit from an extra trim in this area as well to avoid matting and tangles.

Just because your dog is older doesn't mean that they don't need to have regular grooming and upkeep. If anything, an older dog might actually be a prime candidate for a trip to the groomer and will benefit from this treat. Find an animal hospital that specializes in grooming dogs, such as Kenhaven Animal Hospital, to ensure that your dog gets the pampering they deserve in a safe, professional environment.