3 Reasons To Get Your Female Puppy Spayed

Posted on: 9 February 2016


Getting a new puppy is exciting, but if you get a female puppy, you will have decide whether to spay her before she begins her heat cycles. While it can be sad to think about your new family member having a surgery at a young age, there are many spaying offers many advantages to female dogs. Some of the biggest benefits of spaying include:

Avoiding the Hassle of Heat Cycles

A female dog who is not spayed will have heat cycles, which indicate that a dog is currently fertile. There can be many unpleasant side effects of a heat cycle, such as bloody discharge that can stain your carpet and furniture and your dog may have  negative temperament changes during this time. In addition, you will have to closely monitor your dog when outside, as non-spayed female dogs tend to try to escape when they are in heat, and you can end up with a pup that is expecting a litter of puppies.

Preventing Unwanted Litters of Puppies

While some people specifically get dogs for breeding purposes, most people just want a single pet to love and care for. If you don't get your female dog spayed, there is always the chance that she could get pregnant and have a litter of puppies that you are not able to afford or help care for.

Pregnant dogs may also require additional vet care, which can be a strain on your budget if you're not expecting it. It is possible to place the puppies in new homes, but new puppies need to stay with their mother for several weeks and also receive vet care-- if you are not prepared for all of the responsibilities that come with a pregnant dog and a litter of puppies, it is best to contact your local animal hospital and have your dog spayed.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Un-spayed dogs may experience higher incidences of dangerous uterine infections and breast and ovarian cancer. If you have absolutely no intention of every breeding your dog, having her spayed is a small financial investment in something that can help protect her health for the rest of her life. Spaying is typically a short surgery, and healthy young dogs and puppies usually have a short recovery period. If you choose to get your new female puppy spayed, it won't take long for her to get back to being her cheerful, happy self.

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