How To Get Your Pet Interested In Eating Again

Posted on: 27 April 2015


If your pet seems to be tired of the kind of food they are eating, you may want to try mixing different pet foods. You can also try adding moisture to your pet's food. Mixing different pet foods and adding moisture will introduce variety into your pet's diet and is likely to get them interested in eating again.

Mix Different Dry Pet Foods

Try putting foods that are of different shapes and textures together to entice your pet into start eating again. While mixing food is a creative and fun idea, you should be careful  that you only mix foods that target your pet's age and weight. When trying this approach you should also pay attention to the labels on each pet food since these usually contain information about the amount of vitamins and mineral in the food. Ask your veterinarian about the amount of daily allowances of vitamins and minerals that are best for your pet's age and weight, so that you can combine foods in a safe and nutritious way for your pet.

Add Water

While many pets love dry kibble, they may become bored with it from time to time. Adding a little water to the kibble you give your pet in order to soften it is an easy way to introduce some change into your pet's diet. Adding water to your pet's kibble is easy and simply requires that you take a quarter cup of filtered water and add it to the kibble in their bowl. This method is especially good for cats who suffer from regular dehydration.

Combine Dry And Canned Foods

Put more moisture into your pet's food and entice them to eat more by mixing together dry foods and canned foods. If your pet is eating therapeutic pet foods, then you should consult your veterinarian before combining these foods with regular pet food or other types of therapeutic pet foods. In general, you should also make sure that you read the labels, even if the food is not therapeutic, and ask your veterinarian about the recommended daily allowances of vitamin and minerals for your pet.

Changing your pet's diet so that there is more variety takes some effort on your part, since you will also need to make sure that the food contains the right amount of nutrients to keep your pet healthy. However, if being creative helps your pet to start eating healthy again, it is well worth the effort. If your pet does not start eating again even after you change up the food, contact a veterinarian, such as those at Bayshore Animal Hospital & Bird Practice. It's important to rule out any possible medical causes of loss of appetite.