Natural Flea And Tick Prevention For Your Dogs

Posted on: 11 March 2015


You may not know this, but many dogs suffer from serious allergies and can have strong skin reactions to certain chemicals and substances. As such, standard flea and tick treatments can cause your dogs a great deal of discomfort and irritation. They may cry, whimper, start scratching uncontrollably, lose fur coverage, or have visible skin redness and rashes. Rather than taking this chance, learn some of the ways that you can naturally prevent fleas and ticks from affecting your dogs. 

Rose Geranium Essential Oil For Ticks

All-natural essential oils are concentrated and powerful oils derived from natural sources and substances that are often used by people for aromatherapy and alternative medicine purposes. However, most people do not consider the ways in which these essential oils can also benefit pets. 

Rose geranium oil is thought to be a natural way to prevent ticks in both humans and dogs. Any day your dog is going to be in a situation or environment in which they may be exposed to ticks (in the spring, summer, and fall this is essentially every time your dog goes outdoors), just day a few drops of rose geranium essential oil in between their shoulder blades and at the base of their tail.

This should prevent any ticks from biting or latching onto your dog. Be sure to do this before your dog goes outside each day. At the end of the day, do a tick check just to be sure, but you should have no problems. 

Citrus For Flea Prevention

Fleas are another problem that can often plague your dogs. A safe, easy, and good smelling remedy for a flea problem is to freshly squeeze an orange or lemon. Then, just rub that fruit over your dog's skin. This routine should prevent flea infestations and will help to get rid of fleas if your dog is already suffering from an infestation. 

You can also use citrus essential oils to prevent flea infestations as well. Just like with tick prevention techniques, dab the citrus oil in between your dog's shoulders and at the base of the tail. Your dog will be flea-free and happy with such treatment. 

Apple Cider Vinegar (Plus Extras)

If you want to make your own flea and tick spray for your dog, you can begin with an apple cider vinegar base. Vinegar naturally repels bugs anyway, but to make it an even more effective repellent for fleas and ticks, you need to take one additional step. 

Pour your apple cider vinegar into a jar and add in fresh rosemary, lavender and neem leaf. Allow this combination to steep for two to three weeks. After a few weeks, strain out the herbs and pour the remaining liquid into a spray bottle. Spray your dog regularly with the apple cider vinegar treatment and do not rinse off. As an added bonus, in addition to repelling fleas and ticks, this mixture will soften and condition your dog's skin and fur. 

You do not have to use harsh chemical treatments to repel fleas and ticks on your dog. There are natural flea and tick prevention techniques that you can use to keep your dogs healthy, safe, and pest-free all year long. So, give these natural remedies a try as soon as possible. For more information, talk to a place like St Francis Animal Clinic PA.