Keeping Cats Safe During The Holiday Season

Posted on: 30 November 2015


When it becomes time to decorate for the holidays, safety should be an issue when pets are involved. Cat are curious animals that can become injured when investigating some of the decor that may be used to spread festivity in your home. Here are some precautionary steps to take when decorating for the holidays if you own a cat in an attempt to keep them safe from harm.

Keep Poinsettias Away

Poinsettias are a known holiday plant that many find to be cheerful and appropriate for the season. While these plants look nice arranged with other holiday decor, they can be extremely harmful to cats. Cats tend to chew on any type of plant that is placed in a home. If they are unaccustomed to having vegetation in the home at all, then a poinsettia will be extremely intriguing if one were to be brought inside. These plants are poisonous and can kill a cat if the leaves are ingested. Opt for a fake poinsettia if you feel you must have one in a home that has a cat living inside. If your cat has ingested a poinsettia, take your cat to an emergency animal hospital right away. 

Secure The Tree

If you put up a Christmas tree for the holidays, it is a good idea to make sure it is secured to the wall so it cannot be knocked down. Cats like climbing these trees, especially if they are not allowed outdoors. If you purchase a real tree over putting up an artificial one, your cat may be even more intrigued. Screw an eye hook fastener to your wall. Tie a piece of twine around the tree and loop it through the fastener and tie in a knot. Your tree will be held in place so a climbing cat will be less likely to become injured. The tree will not be able to fall on the cat, making their climbing a bit less of a risk.

Ditch Dangerous Ornaments

Glass ornaments are dangerous to cats. A cat may bat at an ornament with its paw, causing it to fall off the tree and shatter. Use plastic ornaments to avoid this altogether. Tinsel can become wrapped around a cat's tongue or wadded up in their intestines, causing a blockage. Use thick garland on a tree as an alternative shiny decoration. When placing lights on a tree, make sure they are at a higher level than the cat so your pet will be less likely to try biting on the wires. When the lights are plugged in, keep the cat in another room to avoid a wire biting incident which may lead to electrocution.